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In the depths of a soul-crushing lecture hall, circa 2013, I found myself yearning for a different path. Surrounded by those whose life goals diverged from mine, I felt like an alien in their midst. As I glanced at the digital clock, its digits formed an otherworldly face by way of a 5 and 2. It was in that moment, as the colon rotated in my mind, that the alien eyes aligned perfectly within the two numbers. I swiftly jotted down the vision, christening it Moon Five Two. Embracing the alien

within, I transformed it into a symbol of my defiance.

Leaving college behind, I pursued my true passion and, by sheer hard work and determination, I became a full-time independent musician by 2016. Moon Five Two became more than a mere concept; it evolved into a tangible expression of my artistry.

By 2018, I had already released multiple apparel collections under its name, and it was during this period of growth that the enigmatic 5 and 2 transformed into a fully realized character, affectionately named Moon Man. Sensing the need for a more expansive vision, I realized it was time to craft a more elaborate narrative for the brand.

Enter "Super Human," an album and short film that breathed life into Moon Five Two's story. Drawing inspira- tion from visionaries like J.R.R. Tolkien, George Lucas, and Philip K. Dick, I yearned to create an immersive experience for others. The dream of world-building, of crafting a rich tapestry of intrigue, had always burned within me. Since that fateful day in 2013, Moon Five Two had been the vehicle to bring that dream to life.

As my albums and the brand itself unfolded, various characters from Moon Five Two emerged, making appearances in music videos and adorning our merchandise. In 2020, I birthed our beloved main character, Moon Droid. By creating a stylish android whose helmet formed the shape of a 5 and 2, Moon Five Twos main protagonist was born. By way of 3D animation, he has since appeared in everything from music videos to video ads for the brand. Now, I am driven to write a book centered around him, with the audacious goal of seeing his story unfold on film and within video games.

Moon Five Two has surpassed expectations, traversing boundaries from vinyl collectibles to sneakers, and encompassing a diverse range of apparel. Our upcoming outer- wear line is a testament to our ceaseless exploration of the impossible. Having already achieved what many deemed unattain-

able, we are thrilled to continue defying limits.

We invite you to join us as we continue to explore the impossibilities and redefine the limits of a small yet tenacious brand. Together, let's embrace the unknown and continue this incredible journey to Moon Five Two.

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